Heart of Roseman

Join us as we unite the heart & science of healthcare.

From the families who inspire us and we help heal, to the students who bring the skills and knowledge they learn to the communities that need them, to our faculty and staff who teach both heart and science equally – improving healthcare is our mission. To learn more about Roseman, our programs, our clinics, and ways you can support us, please fill out the form on the right.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves.

We believe compassion should be part of the curriculum. We bring innovation to patient-centered care. We solve human health challenges through research and discovery. We create programs to help people learn, heal and thrive.

We believe that the heart and science of healthcare are two halves of one mission.

At Roseman, compassion and empathy have been long intertwined with delivering exceptional healthcare to the communities we serve. In everything we do, we unite the heart and science of healthcare.

Read the inspiring stories of our students, faculty and staff below. They are the Heart of Roseman.

mbs student nushrah

Nushrah, MBS ’22

“Roseman helped me become a stronger candidate for dental school by preparing me for the rigorous coursework.”

nursing student talisa

TaLisa, BSN ’23

“I knew that everything I was learning could be the difference between saving someone’s life or not. That was all the motivation I needed.”

pharmacy faculty leiana

Catherine Leiana Oswald, PharmD, BCGP College of Pharmacy, Associate Professor

“It warms my heart hearing from students that something we did in class helped them treat a patient or pass their boards.”

dental student emily

Emily, DMD ’23

“I had one interview out of 17 school applications. Roseman saw my passion and took a chance. All the other schools missed out!”

nursing student yvette

Yvette, BSN ’22

“My father was a nurse in the Philippines before he came to the US and became a cardiothoracic ICU nurse. He inspired me.”

mbs student benjamin

Benjamin, MBS ’22

“Roseman’s commitment to the community aligns with my personal motivation and my drive to become a dentist.”

dental student taylor

Taylor, DMD ’23

“I have wanted to become a dentist since I was in kindergarten. Roseman is helping me achieve my dream.”

amanda pharmacy student

Amanda, PharmD ’22

“I organized a free flu vaccine clinic and we vaccinated 203 people with the help of Walgreens and Roseman.”

nursing faculty

Delos Jones, DNP, RN College of Nursing, Associate Dean

“Seeing students who have succeeded, despite all the hardships and tears of the journey, always makes me feel quite proud.”

nursing student brandon

Brandon, BSN ’21

“Roseman gave me the nursing skills needed for me to succeed. I know my grandmother Esperanza is smiling down on me.”

dental student shaili

Shaili, DMD ’23

“Roseman not only provides the resources to become a dentist, but also a leader, a volunteer, and a mentor.”

nursing student amanda

Amanda, BSN ’22

“Becoming a nurse allows me to think critically and utilize a unique skill set, all while impacting patients’ lives.”

dental student priscilla

Priscilla, DMD ’23

“My orthodontics restored my confidence. I wanted to empower others dealing with similar issues and improve their outlook on life.”

pharmacy student rachel

Rachel, PharmD ’23

“The Melanoma research we’re conducting is preparing me to become a Clinical Pharmacist”

dental student danny

Danny, DMD ’21

“My mentors and colleagues allowed me to be myself, but also challenged me to strive for more.”

nursing student ciana

Ciana, BSN ’22

“I plan to open my own women’s birthing clinic for mothers in underserved communities.”