Student Learning Outcomes


Roseman Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)

Ƶ has identified four student learning outcomes that apply to students in all programs. Upon completion of their program:

  • ISLO 1: Knowledgeable  Professional. Roseman graduates will apply their knowledge, skills, and experiences to advance the health and wellness of their communities
  • ISLO 2: Patient-Centered Professional. Roseman graduates will make evidence-based decisions to serve and educate their communities.
  • ISLO 3: Problem Solver. Roseman graduates will demonstrate research literacy and critical thinking skills.
  • ISLO 4: Moral Representative. Roseman graduates will demonstrate ethical decision-making, cultural competence and effective communication within the healthcare team.

Programmatic Student Learning Outcomes

Within each program, student learning outcomes have been identified that encompass the ISLOs while being specific to that profession. Links to these outcomes are given below.

Course/Block Level Student Learning Outcomes

Within each program, student learning outcomes for courses are provided directly to enrolled students in written form (paper and/or electronic) and form the basis for all instruction and evaluation of students. For didactic courses, learning materials for each day are associated with specific outcomes that are included with the learning materials. Likewise, for any professional practice experiences (e.g. clinical rotations/externships), student learning outcomes are provided to the student prior to the experience and form the basis for all student evaluation.